Green Seal and the Book

Environmental Book SigningBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

The previous blogs on my new book, In the Light of Humane Nature, have explained why I wrote the book (“Why a Book”), what the book is about (same title), the justification for its main thesis (“The Moral and Spiritual Gap”), and the likelihood of change (“The Imperative in Reality”).  In this summary blog, I would like to come full circle and relate the book back to Green Seal, its work and mission.

I began in the first blog by saying that I wrote the book because the environmental movement has not yet succeeded.  I point out that the work of Green Seal and similar organizations has been critical in keeping environmental deterioration from getting worse and in initiating progress toward a more sustainable society.  But we keep on hitting a wall in terms of people’s attitude and concern.  That is where the book attempts to take over. (more…)

Humane Nature – Recently Reviewed by Blogger Karen Wan

Happy Earth Month!

As our followers may already know, Green Seal’s CEO has written a book, In the Light of Humane Nature, which focuses on how our values and collective work can help solve today’s environmental crisis. Sustainability Blogger Karen Wan received the book and posted a review on her website Our Enchanted Adventure, and she has allowed us to re-post her thoughtful review below. See her original blog here.

Wednesday Author Spotlight: Arthur Weissman – In The Light of Humane Nature

A good friend of mine, Marvin Klein, gave me a copy of the book In the Light of Humane Nature by Arthur B. Weissman, who is President and CEO of Green Seal, the premier non-profit certifier of green products and services in the United States.

One of the things that I love about this book is that it’s a short, yet informative book.  So many green or sustainability books seem to be more like encyclopedias or dictionaries rather than transformative books that actually create change in the world. (more…)

April 8th: National Healthy Schools Day

National Healthy Schools Graphic

Each year, Green Seal joins the Healthy Schools Network, Clean Air Moms, and many others to promote greener K-12 schools. The event has nicely nested itself within National Public Health Week, creating an audible buzz in health-focused communities and online. Add your voice by re-tweeting, posting on Facebook, or emailing fact-sheets to your family and friends.

Our Contribution: This year, we are launching an updated Green Schools Portal and joining the online community for a Twitter Chat (info below!). Stay tuned to learn of the web address for our Schools Portal.

Find Activities in Your Area:

 Join Us on Twitter for the Healthy Schools Chat

WHEN: April 8 at 2 p.m. (EDT)

WHERE: On Twitter! Follow hashtag: #HealthySchoolsDay and @CleanAirMoms, @Healthy Schools Network

Why is healthy air in schools important?

Kids (and teachers!) spend a good deal of time in school. When school air quality is unhealthy, learners suffer. Research shows that poor indoor air quality in schools is linked to decreased concentration and poor test results. Keeping school air clean helps our children perform to their full potential. Is your child’s school promoting a healthy environment? Are there steps you can take to make your child’s school environment even healthier?

FIND OUT during the Healthy Schools Twitter Chat~!


Green Seal Visits Portland

photo This week members of our outreach team ventured to Portland, Oregon, where they met with several sustainability teams and a few of our clients.

Check out this photo from the Mark Spencer Hotel (#GSCertified !) – proudly promoting its sustainability leadership on a keycard and a “pillow chocolate.” The Mark Spencer Hotel is one of nine Green Seal-certified hotels in Portland. According to their website, the hotel maintains monthly Green Team meetings to review the criteria of our GS-33 Standard as a pro-active step in maintaining their certification. They also mention the following sustainability initiatives:  (more…)

Join Arthur for a book signing in LA.

large side image“We are inextricably tied to our nature, and it must reflect the full range of life and environment. We have the capacity to appreciate our world aesthetically, and we should use this more deeply and universally. While derelict built environments and degraded natural ones cannot truly be considered beautiful except in a limited pictorial way (if then), most everything else around us is worthy of our sight.

Let our eyes dwell; we rarely look, much less see. (Young people, please look up from your digital toys!) All places have texture, variety, and endemic color. We don’t have to travel to see the richness around us, and if we do it needn’t be to iconic landmarks or attractions. Everywhere we go should provide an aesthetic adventure.” – In the Light of Humane Nature

Westin BonaventureGreen Seal and Environmental Media Association invite you to the Westin Bonaventure Hotel for the introduction of a brave, bold new book In the Light of Humane Nature: Human Values, Nature, The Green Economy, and Environmental Salvation by Arthur B. Weissman (release date: April 8, 2014). 

WHEN:Tuesday, March 25 @ 11:00 am

WHERE: Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites – Hollywood Room ~ Light refreshments will be served ~

404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071, (213) 624-1000

WHAT: Book Presentation. Reading.  Signing.

Bring in the Noise! – GS in the News

Check out our recent mentions in the media:

Arthur & Dan - Green Seal Restaurant Standard LaunchOur Restaurant Standard Launch:

Green Seal Launches Industry Sustainability Standard, Full Service Restaurant Magazine

Green Seal Develops New Restaurant Sustainability Certification, Foodservice Equipment and Supplies

Green Seal, In Conjunction with The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition and The Rosenthal Group, Launches New National Sustainability Standard For Restaurants and Food Services, Restaurant News

Green Products In-The-News:

How Not To Fall For Bogus ‘Green’ Claims, Forbes

GreenView: Cleaning Up Myths About Green Cleaners, Northumberland

* Bring in the Noise = We’re igniting conversation, getting press, driving sustainability awareness.

Our Latest Standard: Restaurants and Food Services, GS-55

New headshot2

By GS Vice President of Science and Standards

We are very excited to announce that our latest Green Seal Standard, for Restaurants and Food Services, GS-55, was issued on March 12, 2014. It sets the benchmark for eateries that are leaders in sustainability, focusing on the most important life-cycle impacts of the food industry – the sourcing of the food and the waste that is generated from it.
As it turns out that, 95% of the environmental impacts of a restaurant come from the food it purchases, when we consider the full life-cycle of the day-to-day activities of a restaurant. (more…)