Resourcefulness is fun.

By Annie Maynard, Program Development Specialist

Annie ColorResourcefulness is fun. Crafting is fun. So let’s combine them in the office: workplace reuse and recycling projects.

Every once in a while I like to print things out. It gives me a break from staring at the computer screen. I always default to double-sided printing, but if the print job is one page – that leaves the whole back side free of type when I’m done with it.

Stack of papers - Annie - JulyRecommendation #1: Keep a tray at your desk (or under your desk) of single-sided paper for scrap paper for when you want to jot things down the old-fashioned way. If the bin gets too full, recycle it! OR (here’s where crafting comes in) you can three-hole punch the pile, use cardboard from a cereal box (or other cardboard source), and keychain rings to make a notebook! A much simpler way would be to staple the paper together to make a notepad (but not nearly as fun).

Pocket folders are great… except when they wear out. But usually it’s just the fold that tears and there is still valuable cardstock/cardboard available.

Scissors - Annie - JulyRecommendation #2: Break out those scissors and cut out the salvageable part of the folder and use it as backing for a homemade notebook/notepad from recommendation #1.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Do NOT use confidential papers for your office crafting. Always be sure to shred those.
  2. Have fun! Be creative! Be resourceful – every scrap of paper, cardboard, plastic, cloth (or whatever it may be) is valuable, so treat it that way!

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