Public Comment Period is OPEN for Proposed Restaurants and Food Services Standard

restaurant photoAn extension of our post from earlier this week…Green Seal is now inviting the public to comment on our proposed Standard for Restaurants and Food Services – which we have designated “GS-45.” GS-45 will provide detailed guidance for restaurants that are seeking to green their business operations including:

  • responsible food purchasing
  • reducing food waste
  • water and energy efficiency
  • and environmentally-preferable purchasing

Beyond using this standard as a guide, restaurants around the US can apply to become certified to GS-45 in order to prove and verify their sustainability leadership. Applications will be available once GS-45 is finalized.

How can you help? Register for free to comment on this standard. Do you think that this standard is clearly written? Does it accurately demonstrate sustainability leadership in the foodservice industry? We want your feedback.

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