April 8th: National Healthy Schools Day

National Healthy Schools Graphic

Each year, Green Seal joins the Healthy Schools Network, Clean Air Moms, and many others to promote greener K-12 schools. The event has nicely nested itself within National Public Health Week, creating an audible buzz in health-focused communities and online. Add your voice by re-tweeting, posting on Facebook, or emailing fact-sheets to your family and friends.

Our Contribution: This year, we are launching an updated Green Schools Portal and joining the online community for a Twitter Chat (info below!). Stay tuned to learn of the web address for our Schools Portal.

Find Activities in Your Area:

 Join Us on Twitter for the Healthy Schools Chat

WHEN: April 8 at 2 p.m. (EDT)

WHERE: On Twitter! Follow hashtag: #HealthySchoolsDay and @CleanAirMoms, @Healthy Schools Network

Why is healthy air in schools important?

Kids (and teachers!) spend a good deal of time in school. When school air quality is unhealthy, learners suffer. Research shows that poor indoor air quality in schools is linked to decreased concentration and poor test results. Keeping school air clean helps our children perform to their full potential. Is your child’s school promoting a healthy environment? Are there steps you can take to make your child’s school environment even healthier?

FIND OUT during the Healthy Schools Twitter Chat~!


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