Happy 20th Green Seal Anniversary to Mohawk

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One of our original clients – Mohawk – recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary of producing Green Seal-certified specialty paper. Mohawk is a “fourth-generation family-owned business” – according to their FAQs – with visionary management who have helped define sustainability leadership in the paper industry over these past two decades. On their Environment web page, Mohawk clearly describes these values:

Being part of an industry that depends heavily on energy, water, and other natural resources, Mohawk has embraced the concept of extended stewardship. We continually examine every aspect of our business with the objective of making our environmental footprint as small as possible. This means doing more with less and taking decisive actions to minimize or eliminate negative impacts. From simple activities like desk-side recycling to complex decisions about manufacturing techniques, energy choices and vendor selection, nothing is left unexamined. In short, we accept our responsibility to protect the natural resources and processes that sustain our business and our lives, and convey that commitment to all of our stakeholders.

17 Mohawk paper products are currently Green Seal-certified which means that they are composed of at least 30 percent post-consumer materials, have undergone a chlorine-free bleaching process, and contain fewer than 100 ppm of heavy metals by weight. Find all Mohawk Green Seal-certified products here.

What can YOU do to support Mohawk’s commitment to Green Seal certification? Ask your local printer/publisher/school to stock Mohawk Green Seal-certified paper – and encourage your friends and family to seek out Mohawk’s Green Seal-certified papers in the future.




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