Call for Comments – Laundry Standard Updates

A Message from Green Seal’s Science & Standard Department…

GS-48 Image 2Green Seal invites the public to participate in the revision of Green Seal’s Standards for Laundry Products.

We welcome comments of support and criticism – both types of comments will help us evaluate the proposed changes.

To submit comments, please register as a stakeholder through our online commenting portal.

Comments will be accepted until October 25.

Interested in an in-depth technical read on laundry products and sustainability? Check out The Rationale [PDF] – A document that reviews and explains the reasoning behind each of the proposed revisions.

GS-48 ImageSummary of the Proposed Revisions:

Section 2.0: Product-Specific Performance Requirements – Revisions to provide more relevant performance testing parameters. Proposed revisions include changes to water hardness, cold water temperatures, stain removal analysis, color care, fabric appearance, and softening performance.

Section 3.5: Carcinogen Releasers – Revision of the evaluation threshold to be consistent with Green Seal’s other cleaning product standards and the clarification of the term “carcinogen releasers”.

Section 6.8: Fragrance and Allergen Labeling – Clarification to provide more relevant requirements to this class of products.

Sections 5.6 and 5.7: Packaging Sustainability Requirements – Clarification related to bisphenol A, phthalates, chlorinated materials, and heavy metals.

Sections 6.8 and 6.9: Labeling Requirements – Clarification to improve the practicability of the criteria.

Section 3.16: Chronic Aquatic Toxicity and Antimicrobial Agents – Deletion of this criterion to reduce duplication.

Section 3.26: Antimicrobial Agents – Deletion of the documentation requirement.

Section 4.2: Energy, Air, Water, and Waste; and Distribution – Deletion of these two criteria, which required documentation in order to inform future criteria development. However, Green Seal does not intend to develop criteria for these issues during the manufacturing or distribution phases; therefore this documentation requirement is unnecessary.

Editorial Changes – Other minor revisions proposed to improve the readability of the standards.

If you have any questions, please email us at If you have an urgent problem regarding this commenting process, please call Green Seal at (202) 872-6400.

Please forward this notice to anyone you know who might be interested in this revision.

Thank you for your interest and assistance with this process.


Brielle H. Welzer                                                                     Daniel Pedersen, Ph.D.

Environmental Scientist                                                       V.P. of Science & Standards

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