Call for Public Input on Insulation

New Environmental Standard

for Architectural Insulation Materials, GS-54

Green Seal invites stakeholders and interested individuals to assist in the development of this new environmental leadership standard – GS-54.

Register to comment here.

Purpose: This standard is being developed to help purchasers identify and choose environmentally preferable architectural insulation products.

Stakeholders: Green Seal is soliciting suggestions and comments from diverse stakeholders including manufacturers, facility managers, operators, consumer groups, health and environmental groups, and general interest groups.

Phase 1

The Scoping Phase

In this Scoping Document, we present:

  • an initial review of several types of insulation
  • the impacts of those products
  • and potential issues that will likely be addressed in the standard.
    • GS-54 will establish requirements for performance and protection of health and the environment.

Our standards are developed with the following goal: 

To provide an accurate reflection of the environmental leadership products that are available on today’s market.


A few detailed registration instructions:

  • At the bottom of the webpage, enter your e-mail address to register as a stakeholder for this revision. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • Click the link provided in the e-mail, and create a User Account.
  • After creating your User Account, you will be directed to the project page.
  • To post your comments in the appropriate section of the proposed standard: choose “Comments”
  • Then choose “Add Reviewer Comment,” enter your comment, and click “Publish.”
  • By clicking on the “Resources” tab, you can access attached documents in PDF form

If you have any questions, please email us at If you have an urgent problem regarding this commenting process, please call Green Seal at (202) 872-6400.

Comments on the Scoping Document will be accepted until November 23, 2015.


Green Seal’s Standard Development Process

  • Select a category for developing a standard
  • Conduct initial research on the category
  • Release Scoping Document for public comment
  • Compile and publish comments on the scoping document
  • Release Proposed Standard for public comment
  • Compile comments and publish a Response to Comments
  • Issue Edition 1.0 of Standard for Architectural Insulation Products, GS-54

Green Seal sets leadership standards that aim to reduce, to the extent technologically and economically feasible, the environmental, health, and social impacts throughout the life-cycle of products, services, and companies.

The standards may be used for conformity assessment, purchaser specifications, and public education.

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